You Can Have Fun Shopping No Matter Your Size!

Shopping. I HATE it. I wouldn’t be over exaggerating to say that.

I avoid clothing shopping at all costs because for way too long I measured my value by my pant size. Although I have done a lot of work in that area, the ball of shame that lingers in the bottom of my stomach when I absolutely need to buy something new (for an event, or because my size has changed and I am down to only owning 1 pair of pants) just never seems to go away. That changed, in a big way, when I went shopping with Amanda from simplySTYLISH at Boutique Zekara in Rothesay.

YSJ Love, Styled 3 Ways

Our city the BEST city in our Province for numerous reasons. One of those reasons is our amazing entrepreneurs and small businesses. We have those who were born and raised in Saint John and those who are CHOOSING our city to set up shop and follow their passion. As a Personal Stylist, I love to support my local boutique shops when I take my clients shopping and especially when I shop for myself. 

How Shame Marketing is Influencing Your Body Image.

I was driving in my car to a friend’s last night and an advertisement for a local fitness business came on. Instead of motivating me to use their business, it did the opposite of what I think it was intending to do. It ENRAGED me. Yes, I know, enrage is a strong word....

6 Shopping Tips to get a Wardrobe You Love

Have you opened up your closet full of clothes, but still feel like you have nothing to wear?

Maybe you pull out a shirt that you haven’t worn, put it on and realize you have nothing to wear with it, so it continues to hang unused in your closet?

If you are tired of waisting time and money on items that are not being worn in your closet, then take a read through these 6 tips. They will help you form better habits when you shop, and therefore get closer to having a wardrobe you love.