Ladies, believe me when I say this.

We are ALL shaped BEAUTIFULLY unique. Your shape or size does not define your self worth.

Some of us are angular in shape, some of us are petite, tall, curvy and everything in between. We have different sized breasts, waists, hips, thighs…and even though we can LOVE our bodies, we can feel frustrated when we shop. The fault is not yours, it is because clothing pieces are not designed or made to fit EVERY body shape. I have so many clients sharing with me their stories of crying in dressing rooms because the clothes don’t fit or look right on them. Instead of blaming the clothing, they internalize it and blame themselves. It can be hard to love ourselves when we feel that we need to hide our grey hair, our cellulite, vericose veins, the extra love around our tummies in order to meet an unreasonable expectation of “beauty or health”. I don’t know about you, but I am over that. I am not going to be ashamed about what someone else may think is a “flaw”. I don’t have flaws. I am ME and I think I am beautiful and I think every woman, no matter her age, race, size or shape should feel the same. Retailers need to get on board and carry clothing that will fit ALL shapes and sizes. No more tears in the dressing room please.

One retailer IS paying attention and I decided to highlight them in this blog post. I invited a client to be my guest blogger, so you can hear about her experience first hand on what it was like to shop at a local boutique that carries a clothing line that was MADE and DESIGNED for women who wear plus sized clothing. Her name is Carolyn and we had worked together previously when I did a Wardrobe Styling Session with her. Due to us previously working togehter, she knew what style of clothes and fabrics would look best on her shape, but she still had so many frustrations when shopping. So, she booked a Shopping Trip with me and we met at Boutique Zekara in Rothesay, New Brunswick. I wanted to show her that shopping can be fun for curvy girls too! 

If you love stores that are a one stop shop, then Boutique Zekara is the place for you! They have spa services, make up applications, cosmetics, shoes, purses, jewelry and beautiful quality clothing. What is EVEN better, is that they now carry the Dex Plus Clothing line (founded in Montreal, Canada) that designs their clothing to fit and flatter women with curves. What you often find in retail stores, are the exact same shirt in sizes XS to 3XL. However that shirt is not MADE for a curvy woman, so it may never look right JUST because it comes in a plus size. Again, the problem is not YOU, is is the retail stores fault. 

At Boutique Zekara, I dressed Carolyn in several full outfits that would give her versatilty for her lifestyle and her current wardrobe. She was able to find a 1 dress, 2 coats, 2 shirts, 1 pant, 1, tank, 1 cardigan, 1 vest , 1 necklace and 1 pair of shoes that she LOVED. How often can you find that many pieces in one shopping trip?! And these clothes were designed and made for her shape!!

simplySTYLISH client Carolyn Campbell wearing a Dex Plus Dress, a French Dressing Jeans White Denim Jacket and Capelli Rossi heels. All pieces (including the necklace) can be found at Boutique Zekara

Carolyn is wearing a Dex Plus Blouse, a French Dressing Jeans White Denim Jacket and Capelli Rossi heels. All from can be found at Boutique Zekara

Carolyn is a guest on my blog today to share in her own words, her experience with shopping for plus sized clothing and what happened when she booked a Shopping Trip Service with simplySTYLISH at Boutique Zekara. Here is what she had to share:

“Shopping. I HATE it. I wouldn’t be over exaggerating to say that.


Carolyn is wearing a Dex Plus Blouse, black legging pant (that she LOVES) and black vest. She is wearing a French Dressing Jeans White Denim Jacket and Capelli Rossi heels. All from can be found at Boutique Zekara

I avoid clothing shopping at all costs because for way too long I measured my value by my pant size. Although I have done a lot of work in that area, the ball of shame that lingers in the bottom of my stomach when I absolutely need to buy something new (for an event, or because my size has changed and I am down to only owning 1 pair of pants) just never seems to go away. That changed, in a big way, when I went shopping with Amanda from simplySTYLISH at Boutique Zekara in Rothesay.

Carolyn is wearing a Dex Plus tank and cardigan.

I honestly didn’t think that boutiques catered to plus sized women. I had popped into this boutique previously and noticed they did have extended sizing on some of their collections. But this time around I found they had a whole plus size collection. With every piece I tried on my confidence grew and I felt like I had hit the jackpot. Amanda added small special touches like jewelry and shoes that really made the outfits pop.

Carolyn is wearing a Dex Plus black legging pant and Spring Coat in Camo.

The amazing women working boosted my ego further with plenty of compliments on how the clothing fit and comments on how I was beaming (note they are not on commission, so I was free to take these compliments as they were, and not talk myself into thinking they were just saying these things to sell me more clothing). I left with some serious additions to my closet, a couple of investment pieces that will get so much mileage, and a smile I still haven’t wiped off of my face.”


Thank you Carolyn for choosing simplySTYLISH to change the way you feel about shopping and being up for discovering a new store and all its wonderful possibilities. If any of my readers are in the Rothesay, New Brunswick area or near Halifax, Nova Scotia (their second location), then I highly recommend you make Boutique Zekara a “must visit” on your list.

If you want to know how simplySTYLISH can help you get a wardrobe you feel confident in, then check out our various services HERE. We can style you no matter where you live with our Virtual Styling as well!

With love,


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